12 Year Old Dan's Website

12 Year Old Dan's Website

Video 12 Year Old Dan's Website

I made a website when I was 12 and it turns out IT’S STILL ON THE INTERNET. Here’s a guided tour!
Or click here to watch the ENTIRE uncut ‘DO NOT CLICK’ – (not recommended for your sanity)

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I literally forgot this existed for at least 5 years and it is 100% legit, which in many ways makes this even more embarrassing. I was on a completely different level of being a dork.

The moral of this video is to not judge yourself because whoever you are you are cooler than me.

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edit: for some clarification on me noting what I was up to in ‘Year 10’ – I added to the website throughout my teenage years (ironically??) before I forgot about it but I was definitely 12 when I made it!

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