How To Create A Shopify Website | Simple & Easy

How To Create A Shopify Website | Simple & Easy

Video How To Create A Shopify Website | Simple & Easy

Create an account in Shopify ➔

Get Domain Name ➔

Learn how you can create your own ecommerce site using Shopify
Shopify is an easy to use online store builder, where you can create your own online store easily.

Let’s get started,

Table of contents

00:00 Intro

00:35 Create an account in Shopify

03:04 Setting up your store

03:26 1.Logging to your site

03:55 2.Adding products to your site

06:28 3.Choosing a plan on Shopify

08:32 4.Setting up your payment method

11:02 5.Making your site available to the visitors

15:14 Changing the look of your site

15:26 1.Adding content to your Homepage

19:34 2.Adding Products to your Homepage

22:24 Get your Domain Name

27:41 Bonus Part – Adding collections to your site.

To create your own store using Shopify

First, we need to create an account in Shopify

Click this link ➔

And Sign Up with your details

So now, you have successfully created an account in Shopify.

Once you have created your account, Your site will be created automatically.

Once you got your site, we can start building our site

We are going built our site in 2 parts

Part 1 – Set up your store

We’re going to set up our store in 5 steps,

1. Logging into your site

Type “/admin” next to your site address ► Press ‘Enter’

2. Adding products to your site

Click ‘Add Product’ ► Enter product name and details ► Add product
image ► Enter price of the product ► Enter No.of products available and click ‘Save’

In the same way, you can add all the products you want on your site.

3. Choose a plan on Shopify

On Shopify, Go to ‘Home’ ► Click ‘Select a Plan’ ► Select the billing cycle ► Click ‘Confirm’ and then checkout.

4. Setting up your payment method

On Shopify, Click ‘Settings’ ► Go to ‘Payments’ ► Select the payment method you want ► Now enter your business details and Bank details ► Click ‘Authorize’.

5. Making your site available to others

On Shopify, Click ‘Online store’ ► Click ‘Disable Password’ and then click ‘Save’.

Once you have set up your store,

We can go to Part 2 – Changing the look on our site

We’re going to do 2 steps

1. Adding content to your Homepage
Click ‘Edit Homepage’ ► Click the item you want to edit ► If you want to change the text, just select it and then replace it with the text you want.

If you want to change an image, Click the image and then drag the image from your computer and drop it.

In the same way, you can change all the items on your site.

2. Adding products to your Homepage

To Add products, we’re going to do 2 steps

Step 1 – Choose your collection

Click ‘Edit Homepage’ ► Go to ‘Featured Collection’ ► Click ‘Select
Collection’ ► Choose ‘Homepage’ and click ‘Select’

So now you have successfully selected your collection.

Step 2 – Add products to this collection,

On Shopify, Go to ‘Products’ ► Click ‘Collections’ ► Choose ‘Homepage’ ► Click ‘Browse’ and then select the products you want to add to your collections ► Click ‘Add’.

So now you have added your products to the collection.

So this is how you can change the look of your site.

Next, let’s see how you can get a domain name for your site.

So to get the domain name,

Click this link ➔

Search for the domain name you want ► click ‘Get It Now’’ & Purchase it.

Once you’ve got your domain

We need to connect our domain with Shopify,

To do that, let’s go to Shopify,

Click ‘Connect Existing Domain’ ► Enter the Domain name you purchased ► Click ‘Next’ ►Click ‘Connect’ ► Again click ‘Connect’ ► Click ‘close’ ► Select ‘Change Primary domain’ and then select your new domain, which you purchased.

Bonus Part – Adding different collections to your site

So to add collection, we’re going to do 2 steps

1. Create your collection

On Shopify, go to ‘Products’ ► Click ‘Create Collection’ ► Give a name to your collection ► Select ‘Manual’ and click ‘Save’ ► Select ‘Browse’ and add all the products you want.

2. Add this collection to the Menu.

On Shopify, Click ‘Online store’ ► Go to ‘Navigation’ ► Click ‘Main Menu’ ► Select ‘Add Menu Item’ ► Enter the name you want and the select the collection which you have created ► Click ‘Add’ and then click ‘Save’.

So now, you’ve successfully added your collection to your site.

So that’s it, Guys!

This is how you can create your own online store using Shopify.


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