How to Make a Website in 2020 (Step by Step)

How to Make a Website in 2020 (Step by Step)

Video How to Make a Website in 2020 (Step by Step)

Looking to make your website in 2020? With the new year, many people are looking to create their own website. Having helped 130,000+ people make a website with WordPress, we have decided to create the most comprehensive step by step guide on how to make a website without learning how to code.

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In this video we will walk you through how to make a website (step by step):

0:00 Intro
0:56 What is hosting and a website
1:45 Purchase hosting
3:35 Installing WordPress
4:10 WordPress overview
6:00 How to install your WordPress theme
8:50 How to customize your theme
11:20 How to create a menu for your site
13:27 What is a widget and how to create widgets for your website
15:09 How to set up your homepage for your website
16:40 How to create a page for your website
18:15 How to install a plugin
20:32 How to create a contact form
24:14 How to customize the settings area

– Purchase hosting
– Selecting what additions you need for hosting
– Installing WordPress
– Removing unnecessary plugins
– Selecting the design of your site
– Creating a page
– Setting up your menu
– Customizing your theme’s styling
– Setting up your home and/or posts pages
– Installing plugins

All to help you get you and running with your own WordPress site.

Checkout the written version of this tutorial:

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