Local SEO: Which Google My Business Tactics and Tools Drive Customers?

Local SEO: Which Google My Business Tactics and Tools Drive Customers?

Video Local SEO: Which Google My Business Tactics and Tools Drive Customers?

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0:00 Local SEO, GMB tactics and tools
5:18 High intent activity, where they are coming from
7:34 NAP confusion
8:43 Does Google or an Active Facebook deliver more conversions?
12:30 GMB websites Strenght and Weakness
14:04 Google vs Facebook posts
15:33 Building (restaurant) Menu
16:40 Include Town in the description
18:40 Review: Text Back
21:15 Links
22:30 NAP cleanup & Citation Building
24:05 Final Answers
25:16 Key Takeaways
26:32 Google-only as Business Model
39:27 How does a local shop compete with a big chain
40:48 Reviews (tips)
44:38 Do I need a website?
50:40 Google “creates” local business
51:49 How important TripAdviser, Booking Etc?

We have a dream team for this webinar. Mike Blumenthal, Joy Hawkins, and Greg Sterling are three of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in Local SEO. Mike will kick off the webinar by sharing his study of a “Google-Only” local marketing strategy that boosted search visibility, brought more customers, and increased revenue for a new local business. He looks at which local tactics and tools really worked. And sets out to answer the following questions:

1. Does Google or an active Facebook page deliver more organic conversions?
2. Can a Google My Business website rank?
3. What impact does Google My Business tools like Posts and menus have on rank?
4. Which of the Google features & tools have the biggest impact
5. Which of the Google features & tools have no impact?
6. What is the role of links in Local?
7. Does NAP confusion create additional problems and totally screw the pooch?
And the biggest question of them all:
8. Can a Google-only marketing strategy provide ongoing lift and benefit for local businesses?

Mike packs all this into a 20-minute presentation, and then he’ll be joined by local experts Joy Hawkins and Greg Sterling to dig deeper into additional tactics that drive visibility, customers, and revenue for local businesses as well as the implications of this for agencies and the greater industry.
Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) is hosting, and he has promised we’ll have at least 20 minutes of Mike, Greg, and Joy answering questions from the audience.

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