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Nền Tảng và Lợi Nhuận Về Dự Án EmpiresX Trade (VIETNAMESE)

Nền Tảng và Lợi Nhuận Về Dự Án EmpiresX Trade (VIETNAMESE)

Video Nền Tảng và Lợi Nhuận Về Dự Án EmpiresX Trade (VIETNAMESE)


🌲 Empiresx – Cơ hội đầu tư đến từ USA
🌲 Bot trade được viết ra vào năm 2019 bằng kinh nghiệm giao dịch của Josh (top trader hàng đầu phố Wall – Trader trưởng ngân hàng Goldman Sachs).
và Emeson (Co Founder Empiresx – Founder cty Công nghệ của Mỹ)
🌲 các giao dịch được thực hiên trên sàn TDAMERITRADE (1971)(Nasdaq – sàn giao dịch lớn nhất hành tinh)
New York (1792), và Binary (1999). 100% các lệnh đánh đều kiểm chứng trên những sàn hàng đầu thế giới.
💐💐💐Điều kiện : sở hữu 01 bot 400$
💐💐💐 Lợi nhuận giao dịch 0.6%-1% / ngày / vốn
Tỷ lệ chia hiện nay 80/20
🌲 Cách đánh : 1/10.000 vốn TK
🌲 200-300 lệnh giao dịch / ngày đủ 1% sẽ dừng
🌲 Lỗ 7 lệnh liên tiếp (= 1%) cty cắt lỗ , đảm bảp an toàn cho nhà đầu tư.
💐 Vốn : Nạp rút bất kì lúc nào trước 30 ngày phí 20% , sau 30 ngày phí 0.5%
💐 Lợi nhuận rút ngày thứ 6, t2 ( theo giờ MỸ ) tiền về TK.
💐 Phí rút : 4$

EmpiresX Review
EmpiresX gives members access to a proprietary system that provides you exclusive access to an automated trading bot. The trading bot trades the NASDAQ indices and performs passively for members. Members can earn up to 1% returns on Capital daily. Withdrawals with EmpiresX are paid in either Bitcoin or Ethereum.

What Is EmpiresX?

Reach new levels of profit shares while tracking and earning from your personal development.
Have you though about increasing your funds but don’t know where to start? This is our mission! Bringing you software created by world-class professionals, to participate in trading strategies.

We are here to revolutionize.

What is unique about EmpiresX?

Proven by years of testing.
To guarantee functionality, our software has been tested for years and is constantly improving and adapting to different market fluctuations.

Developed by the best analysts.
Count on the best strategies of the best analysts on the market

Why should you choose Empires X?

Because it is simple, it is profitable, it is real and it is for you! It is very easy and simple to purchase our services. We are present in more than 16 countries, operating close to you. At EmpiresX, everyone can invest safely and profitably.

How can I trust EmpiresX?

We have the strength and partnerships of several financial institutions around the world, which allows us to build a direct connection and a safe choice for your portfolio, bringing the maximum possible return. Using our software you can become a successful trader and still have control over your own capital at all times, with complete transparency.


We are a company created for you. Our mission is to connect people in the financial market, without the need for years of knowledge in negotiations. We have successfully established a connection between live traders worldwide and the general public.

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