THRIFT FLIP men's blazer to women's oversize blazer | sew with me!

THRIFT FLIP men's blazer to women's oversize blazer | sew with me!

Video THRIFT FLIP men's blazer to women's oversize blazer | sew with me!

Hello my pretties! In today’s video I am turning a men’s blazer into a women’s oversize blazer. I hope this video will be helpful if you are planning to convert a men’s blazer into a women’s blazer and still have that oversize look!
Having the men’s blazer to start from is also great as you are working with longer sleeves and wider shoulders to start off with, which gives more allowance when taking in. I have always found women’s blazers to be too short and too snug in these areas!
For this thrift flip, I decided to bring in the width of the sleeves, take in the shoulders (and take OUT the shoulder pads hehe), and then bring in the side of the blazer. I also wanted the lining to look just as pretty as the outside.
I am calling this a thrift flip, even though I technically didn’t get this at a thrift store – it is actually my Dad’s old blazer! I didn’t know what else to call it though and it’s basically the same idea as a thrift flip, except I got it from the back of my cupboard.
I am super happy with how this project turned out and can’t wait to start styling it, especially in some dark academia outfits!

A few things I’m wearing in the video ⤵️
Red sox tee
Chambray blouse
Tory Burch reversible belt
White button down
Scallop skirt

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THRIFT FLIP men’s blazer to women’s oversize blazer | sew with me!
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