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UA Virtual Campus Tour | The University of Alabama

(Tour recorded prior to COVID-19 pandemic)

Leading The University of Alabama in everything they do, join the Capstone Men & Women for a virtual tour of UA’s Campus. Established and innovative, find your place among the highlights of our campus. Walk among legends and find your place at UA.

Apply to UA: http://bit.ly/39Rz8uO
Pay your Freshman Deposit: http://bit.ly/33uKuCM
Find your housing :http://bit.ly/2TVI64G

Welcome to the official YouTube channel of The University of Alabama.

The University of Alabama, founded in 1831, is the place where legends are made. Our students, faculty and staff come from around the world to join UA’s mission – teaching, research and service to our campus, our nation and the world. The UA campus in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, isn’t known only for its beauty; it is a powerhouse for confidence, advancement and strength in every opportunity our students encounter. Enroll with the best at The University of Alabama.

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UA Virtual Campus Tour | The University of Alabama

UA Virtual Campus Tour | The University of Alabama

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